Automatic Pipettes

  1. Manual Pipette Filler

    Manual Pipette Filler is manufactured with good quality of polypropylene material having a rubber bulb at the top. It is used to fill pipette manually up to the desired marking on the tube. The pipette is fitted in the filler and the bulb is pressed to create a vacuum to draw up fluid from the glassware. It is designed with the comfortable bulb grip to offer easy and precise operation. This device is available in different sizes.
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  2. Glass Pipette Stand

    Glass Pipette Stand is manufactured with true quality polypropylene material to ensure its chemical resistance nature. This stand is used to hold glass pipettes safely in a standing position. It allows the number of pipettes to be held together. This product is designed to rotate on the central vertical axis for easy selection of the required pipette. To ensure its proper cleaning, it can be easily disassembled and assembled. It is available in different sizes.
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  3. Repetitive Pipette

    Repetitive Pipette is mainly used to dispense small amount of chemicals and various liquids required in different lab tests. It has been designed with utmost precision by highly experienced professionals to ensure optimum performance. This pipette gives the flexibility to set a particular volume which will facilitate drawing and dispensing of a specific amount of chemical every time. It is easy to use, chemical resistant and gives accurate measurement if operated correctly.
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  4. Variable Micropipette

    The light weight of these Variable Micropipets makes these less tiresome and improves efficiency. The ideal shaft shape helps reach contents in narrow or deep tubes. The durable tip cone offers highest resistance to shocks and chemical corrosion and the smooth plunger mechanism offers least resistance for easy operation. The new design with soft grip allows using less force while pipetting with pipetes and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
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  5. Pipette Filler

    Pipette Filler is used as an important instrument in the laboratory to easily dispense and draw different chemicals and other liquids required in various tests. It is designed having a rotating thumb wheel which allows easy one hand operation for drawing liquids. This filler is maintenance free and is available in different sizes and color as required by the technicians. It prevents the risk of over-pipetting while using with small pipettes.
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  6. Pipette Controller

    This lightweight cordless Pipette Controller allows aspiration from bottles and tubes without the arm and hand elevations required with serological or volumetric pipettes. It fits all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes, but can also be used with disposable tips. The speed can be fine-tuned by applying varying finger pressure to the operating buttons. Additionally, it has an unparalleled soft blow-out control to minimize disturbance of cell pellets or density gradient interfaces.
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  7. Biohit Multichannel Pipette

    This Biohit Multichannel Pipette can be used for several liquid handling tasks from regular pipetting to diluting with mixing and automatic repetitive dispensing. The comprehensive range of pipette reduces the need for several work stages and enables liquid dispensing significantly faster than with a mechanical pipette. Its DC-motor concept, with built-in error control, improves pipetting precision and allows reliable results. The offered pipette is designed for many different types of routine laboratory work.
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  8. Automatic Pipettes

    Automatic Pipettes are used in the biological, biochemical, and microbiological teaching and research laboratories to accurately transfer small liquid volumes. The offered pipettes operate via a stainless steel piston which displaces air to create a vacuum which draws liquid samples into disposable plastic tips. The plunger button is depressed, using thumb, to create the piston's vacuum. The pipettes draw up the liquid sample when the plunger is slowly released. The plunger is then depressed again to dispense the volume into another receptacle.
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  9. Positive Displacement Pipettes

    The offered Positive Displacement Pipettes finds application requiring repetitive dispensing in clinical, hospital, biological, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and forensics fields. These are similar to air displacement pipettes, but are less commonly used and are used to avoid contamination and for volatile or viscous substances at small volumes, such as DNA. The major difference is that the disposable tip is a microsyringe, composed of a plunger which directly displaces the liquid.
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