Biological Safety Cabinet

  1. Biological Safety Cabinet

    DIAMOND MICROSCOPE EST. is a trusted and NQA, UDEM certified Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Biological Safety Cabinet, Bio Safety Cabinet in the market having about 20 year experience in this domain. Inquire us for more product details.
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  2. EN Certified Biological Safety Cabinet, Class II

    This EN Certified Biological Safety Cabinet, Class II offers complete environmental protection and safety to product and personnel to obtain optimum control over product quality. Integrated with a smart advanced technology, these safety cabinets are acclaimed for their dual-DC motors which automatically balance the cabinet inflow and downflow air velocities in real time. In addition, there are also integrated alarms that signal about any out- of- spec conditions for added assurance.
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  3. A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

    With this A2 Biological Safety Cabinet, we assure accurate and complete protection to product, personnel, and environment from exposure to biohazards and cross contamination. These biologically safety cabinets are specifically engineered to meet diverse application requirements in clinical, life science, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratory fields. Advanced technology installed in the safety cabinet guarantees the highest level of product protection even in the most demanding laboratory conditions.
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  4. B2 Biological Safety Cabinet

    This B2 Biological Safety Cabinet is highly suitable for various experiments where recirculation of filtered air is prohibited. Our biological cabinets are specifically developed to provide complete protection to personnel, product and environment from various hazardous particulates. These are highly suitable for various agents that require bio safety level 1, 2 or 3 containments. In addition, it is also used in various other applications involving genetic material, antineoplastic drugs, asbestos and other substances that generate hazardous airborne particulates.
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  5. Class III Biological Safety Cabinet – Model 1500IIIX

    Class III Biological Safety Cabinet – Model 1500IIIX is specifically developed to provide the highest level of containment while working with hazardous materials. It is suited for work with biosafety level 4 microbiological agents. Best known for providing maximum protection to environment and workers, this safety cabinet is a gas-tight enclosure. In addition, it also features a completely sealed, non-opening, viewing window. We manufacture these safety cabinet using supreme quality materials that are resistant to decontamination processes.
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