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Freeze Dryer

  1. Table Top Freeze Dryer

    The Table Top Freeze Dryer is suitable for freeze drying test of laboratory biomedical samples. Widely used drugs, biological products, chemical and food industry. On the heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, hormones and other biological tissue enzymes, freeze-drying technology is applied. It is a simple and economical means of freeze drying for stabilization of living material and preservation of fragile substances. Equipped with vacuum freeze drying technology, this is the right dryer for all small scale freeze drying requirements.
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  2. Tabletop Freeze Dryer LGJ-10

    This Tabletop Freeze Dryer LGJ-10 I provided with optional charging valve and filling dry inert gas. This dryer can be easily restored to original state. Easy to maintain the chemical and biological characteristics of samples after being watered, this tabletop freeze dryer is well- integrated with an imported compressor which ensures CFC free refrigeration. It can easily store freeze- dried data several times and provide the experimental data by a USB flash disk. In this equipment, there is a pre- freeze shelf which works as a lead tube, thus, speeding up the drying speed.
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  3. Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-12

    Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-12 is extensively used in various fields including pharmacy, medicine, chemical industry, and biology research and food production. Post freeze drying process, long term preservation of material becomes quite easier and after being watered, they can be restored to original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics. 100% stainless steel construction of condenser and operation panel makes it corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The freeze dryer has compact design and is easy and convenient to operate.
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  4. Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-18

    High in demand in various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, food production and chemical processing, the Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-18 is well- integrated with imported quality compressors with CFC free refrigeration. Features a big opening, this condenser has a pre-freeze function. This dryer provides experimental data by a USB flash disk. It is well- integrated with a human-computer touch screen which is language convertible and displays drying curve.
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  5. Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-12S

    Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-12S is manufactured with utmost precision using premium quality raw material and high grade electrical components. It is used in different areas including research, medical, pharmacy, and chemical industry. This freeze dryer is used to dry and preserve various chemicals, solutions, and media at low temperature to ensure their optimum physical and chemical properties. It is user friendly, has long lasting operational life and requires less maintenance.
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  6. Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-18S

    Floor-type Freeze Dryer LGJ-18Sis well- equipped with an international standard KF vacuum interface which is loaded with a variety of vacuum pump combinations. It is widely used in biology research, medicine, pharmacy, chemical industry and food production fields. This freeze dryer is installed for making long term preservation of material much easier. Post freeze drying, the samples can be restored to their original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics.
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