Fully Automated Microtome

Fully Automated Microtome
Fully Automated Microtome
Product Description
Our fully automated microtome is outlined for completely mechanized subdivision of both resin- and paraffin-embedded samples. It is deployed in a broad spectrum of applications such as in research and routine laboratories, in industrial material, in histology, trimming new tissue in neuroscience, as well as in quality control. Minimize repetitive movements that can impart to musculoskeletal conditions with our powerful fully automated microtome. Its two-in-one plan concept, allows manual as well as motorized sectioning and in addition, offers reproducible high-caliber sections.

Features :-
  • It utilizes a streamlined plan, with cutting edge components, steady and solid execution as well as convenience.
  • The bolstering system utilizes a wise control component; offering fast exchanging between mechanized or manual savvy separating modes.
  • Programmed cutting velocity is customizable.

Technical Specifications :-

Section Thickness Setting Range: 0.25—100μm

0.25-2.5μm, increment 0.25μm
2.5-5μm, increment 0.5μm
5.0-10μm, increment 1μm
10-30μm, increment 2μm
30-60μm, increment 5μm
60-100μm, increment 10μm

Trimming Thickness Setting Range: 1—600μm

1-10μm, increment 1μm
010-020μm, increment 2μm
020-050μm, increment 5μm
050-150μm, increment 10μm
150-600μm, increment 50μm

Retraction Setting Range

0-50μm  ( 0 is off )
5-10-15-50 (optional)

Horizontal Feed


Vertical Specimen Stroke


Specimen Holder Rotation

at any angle within 360 degrees

Movement Range of the Base of Specimen Holder

65mm (front to back)

Movement Range of the Blade Press plate


Specimen Clamp Rotation

at any angle within 360 degrees

Specimen Orientation

XY – 8°

Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness


Maximum Specimen Size


Feed speed adjust

1500μm/s ~ 3500μm/s

Precision Error


Working Voltage

AC220V±10% 50Hz; AC110V±10% 60Hz




580×475×340 mm(W×D×H)

Net Weight

41 Kg

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