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  1. Glass Beakers

    Our wide range of Glass Beakers is high in demand for use in various laboratories for holding chemicals. These beakers made of excellent quality tough glass material. Our complete range is best known for superior resistance against all wet decomposition agents. Loaded with good electrical conductivity, this beaker ensures no contamination of analytical samples. Made with excellent thermal stability property, these beakers are highly resistive to abrasive wear.
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  2. Tall Beakers

    These Tall Beakers are wisely made of supreme quality Borosilicate glass. These beakers are accurately graduated to indicate approximate content. The beaker is designed with an extra-large marking spot which ensures convenient pouring of liquid. Designed with uniform wall thickness, it offers optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Good electrical conductivity, these beakers allow rapid heating and cooling times. It also ensures no wetting effect of metal melts.
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  3. Conical Flask Wide Neck

    Conical Flask Wide Neck is made using high quality borosilicate glass having uniform wall thickness and wide neck diameter. It is generally used in biochemistry, microbiology and research laboratories for measuring and heating of different chemicals and preparing various solutions as well. They possess high resistance to different chemicals and temperature conditions. It has a flat base which allows it to stand easily on a flat surface and hot plate. They are available in the different volumetric capacities.
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  4. Burette with PTFE Straight Stopcock

    Burette with PTFE Straight Stopcock is laboratory glassware precisely manufactured with a high quality borosilicate glass material. It is a long glass tube with a tapered end which is attached with a straight stopcock in a horizontal position. This burette is mainly used to dispense variable amounts of a chemical solution. The flow of liquid from the tube to the tip is controlled by the stopcock valve. It is used in various applications of analytical chemistry including titration.
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  5. Test Tubes with Rim

    Test Tubes with Rim are used in different laboratories for heating smaller quantities of chemicals required for particular tests. They are manufactured with high precision using optimum grade borosilicate glass material with fire polished smooth rim on their mouth. These tubes are chemically stable and resistant to heat. They can be autoclaved easily without damaging their physical properties. These tubes are available in different capacities required for performing various chemical tests.
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  6. Separating Funnel with PTFE Stopcock

    Separating Funnel with PTFE Stopcock is manufactured using high quality borosilicate glass material, a Polytetrafluoroethylene made stopcock and a plastic stopper. It is used in different chemical laboratories for separating two immiscible fluids of different densities. This separating funnel is one of the most important glassware in organic chemistry. They are available in different volume capacities and interchangeable stopcock. It passes through different quality parameters to ensure its optimum performance.
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  7. Separating Funnel with Glass Stopcock

    Separating Funnel with Glass Stopcock is designed having a conical shape with a hemispherical end. It consists of a stopper at its top and a glass stopcock at the bottom. This separating funnel is used in various organic chemistry applications for separating liquids of different densities. It is made up of the fine quality of borosilicate glass with high precision under the vigilance of skilled professionals. This glassware is available in different sizes as required according to the different needs of the customers.
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  8. Measuring Cylinder with Glass Hexagon

    Measuring Cylinder with Glass Hexagon is used in different laboratories for measuring different liquids and chemicals required for performing various tests. It is specially manufactured having a glass base with hexagonal structure. This base allows it to stand firmly on a flat surface. It is also known as a graduated cylinder having precisely measured markings on its outer surface, which are used to measure accurate volumes of the liquid. This cylinder is available in different volumetric capacities.
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  9. Volumetric Flask White Color

    Volumetric Flask White Color is also known as a measuring flask or graduated flask. It is used in various laboratories for measuring chemicals and other liquids to prepare standards solutions. They are generally pear-shaped with a flat bottom. It has a long and narrow neck with an encircled graduation marking over it. That marking on the neck indicates a fixed amount of liquid volume when filled up to that mark. They are available in glass and plastic material body.
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  10. Laboratory Condenser Pipe

    Laboratory Condenser Pipe is important laboratory equipment which is used to dispense various chemicals and water in different lab procedures. It has been manufactured using premium quality of borosilicate glass material with high precision. This pipe can be used in different laboratories such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, and research laboratories. It is available in different specifications as required by the customer. This pipe is light in weight and has abrasion-free nature.
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  11. Flat Bottom Flask and Round Bottom Flask

    Flat Bottom Flask and Round Bottom Flask are mostly used in different laboratories, hospitals, and research centers. They are made up of high quality, heat resistant glass material mainly borosilicate glass. These flasks are manufactured having a neck and round or flat base. They are used for heating different chemical agents, distillation and for various chemical reactions. These glasswares possess chemical resistant properties and have a smooth finish.
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  12. Flat Mouth Test Tube

    Flat Mouth Test Tube is one of the most important glassware which is used in all laboratories for holding various solutions and chemicals. It is manufactured with utmost precision using premium quality borosilicate or soda glass. This test tube has flat and wide upper portion which allows the user to easily pour solutions in it. It is highly durable having a scratch resistant body and chemical inertness. They are available in various sizes as required according to the need.
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  13. Microfiltration Set with Rubber

    Microfiltration Set with Rubber is used for all biopharmaceutical and laboratory downstream applications for filtering contaminated liquids. It uses a filter having special pore sized membrane through which a fluid is passed, which retains the present microorganisms and suspended particles over it. The filtered liquid is free from the contamination. This set can be directly applied to the jet pump head. It is available in different sizes and capacities as required by the customer.
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  14. With Plug Colorimetric Tube

    With Plug Colorimetric Tube is generally used in biochemistry and microbiology laboratories for various colorimetric reactions. This tube is filled with a chemical reagent which will show a change in color immediately or after some time when treated with another chemical. It is made up of high quality borosilicate glass material with a plug to ensure no unwanted entry of any foreign material or air inside the tube. They are available in different sizes according to need and requirement of the user.
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