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Lab Accessories

  1. Filter Paper

    Our wide stock of Filter Paper is available for clients in circular, rectangular and square sheets to meet all types of filtration needs. It is basically a piece of porous paper, extensively used for filtering several liquids. This paper is high in demand for use in various chemical and laboratory processes. It is highly suitable for clarifying and removing particles of 1µm and larger, this paper is best known for its good wet strength.
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  2. Plastic Disposable Pasture Pipette

    Our high- quality Plastic Disposable Pasteur Pipette is easy to wash and reuse. These pipettes are capable of measuring liquids in a wide range of volumes. Specifically designed to transfer small quantities of liquids, these pipettes are made of supreme quality plastic which is then tapered to a narrow point. In addition, we carefully pack these Pasteur pipettes with a foam pad to protect the tips from damage during transit. This disposable pipette features straight- cut tip with fire-polished tops to facilitate bulb attachment.
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  3. Filter Tips sterile & non sterile

    Our wide stock of Filter Tips Sterile & Non Sterile is specially designed for use with various PCR techniques. These sterile and non- sterile filter tips strictly meet the stringently requirements for microbiology and radio-isotope works. Made of hydrophobic polypropylene, these filter tips act as excellent barriers against aerosols formed during pipetting. These are non- self-sealing filter tips, best known for protecting the pipette shafts from contamination. This results in reduced risk of cross-contamination and fault in measurements.
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  4. Eppendorf Tube

    This Eppendorf Tube is considered as the perfect option to pick while working with medium– sized sample volumes. The tube is designed in such a way that it easily fills the void between existing tube formats which eventually enables simple and safe processing of samples in volumes up to 5.0 m. it is available with a wide range of snap cap and screw cap formats to meet diverse requirements of incubation, sample preparation, storage and many other applications.
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  5. Laboratory Goggles

    Our wide collection of Goggles is the essential part of safety equipments. Widely used by professionals while working in laboratories with hazardous chemicals, our complete range is designed with supreme quality lens which are coated to minimize scratching and fogging. These are affordable and chemical resistant, highly suitable for complete protection from impact, dust and airborne particles. Feature low-profile designs, these safety products are specially designed in wraparound styles which provide complete coverage.
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  6. Bunsen Burner

    Bunsen Burner is a small adjustable gas burner. It is extensively used in laboratories as a primary source of heat. This laboratory equipment combines a flammable gas with controlled amounts of air prior to ignition. It is high in demand for use in various laboratories for educational research. In addition, this burner is also used in pathological lab. The legs of the burner are bent out at the bottom for increased stability and increased area under the tripod. To have maximum safety, the tripod's legs are fitted with anti-slip rubber feet.
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  7. Forceps

    The Forceps are the handheld, hinged instruments. It is widely used for grasping and holding, when fingers are too large to grasp small objects. These are specially designed for easy removal and manipulation of filter membranes. In addition, these instruments are also used for clamping large blood vessels or manipulating heavy tissue and for soft tissue dissection. These instruments are available for clients in curved or straight versions with a ratcheted finger ring handle.
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  8. Test Tube Clamp

    Test Tube Clamp is wisely made of nickel plated steel wire in complete compliance with the industry standards. Specially designed to hold any size of test tube, these clamps made with self-closing jaws with finger grips. Specially designed for hold any size of test tube, even when they are hot and untouchable, these clamps are available in varied specifications and finishes to meet clients’ diverse needs.
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  9. Clay Triangle

    Clay Triangle is a very important piece of laboratory equipment. It is extensively used in the process of heating substances by a Bunsen burner. This equipment is specially designed to support a crucible object being heated by a heat source. It is wisely made of several wires which are strung in an equilateral triangle. On this, there are strung hollow ceramic, usually fire clay, tubes. The triangle is usually supported on a tripod or iron ring.
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  10. Wire Gauze

    Wire Gauze is important laboratory equipment which is specially made to aids in the distribution of heat while using a Bunsen burner. It is basically stiff gauze woven from wire which is placed on the support ring, attached to the retort stand between the Bunsen burner and the beakers. It is placed to provide support to the beakers or other glassware or flasks during heating. In addition, it also features rolled smooth wire edges.
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  11. Test Tube Rack

    This Test Tube Rack is important laboratory equipment, extensively used for holding upright multiple test tubes at the same time. It is also designed with vertical pins for drying the test tubes effectively. The holes in the rack are specially keyed with molded in numbers and letters for easy identification. The ergonomic design of these racks facilitates easy handling. Highly suitable for use in a wide temperature range, the rack has superior chemical resistance and is available in different colors.
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  12. Petri Dish Plastic Sterile

    This Petri Dish Plastic Sterile is specially designed for culturing bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. In addition, it also supports automated high-throughput (HTS) applications. Very useful for sampling in hospital environments, these plastic dishes are high in demand in food science applications and pharmaceutical industry as well. It is compatible for use in automatic dispensers owing to its complete flatness and uniform height. Available with a moulded grid, it allows for longer culture periods.
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  13. Falcon Sterile Plastic Tube

    This Falcon Sterile Plastic Tube is sterilized by gamma irradiation. Stringently tested to withstand extreme centrifugation in a fully supported rotor with room temperature water, this falcon tube is ideal for pelleting, cell centrifugation and separation by density gradients. In addition, this sterile plastic tube is also suitable for various molecular biology applications including purification and precipitation of nucleic acids, concentrating bacteria for DNA isolation, sample storage and centrifugation of precipitates. There are dark blue graduations in regular increments which are visible even with clear or turbid samples.
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