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Laboratory Storage Cabinets

  1. Laboratory Storage Cabinets

    The Laboratory Storage Cabinets consists of wall mount, chest, freestanding, countertop, undercounter, stackable and mini models designed to provide safe storage for flammables, corrosive liquids and tools. These cabinets feature a durable, double-wall construction with chemical resistant, lead-free powder coat paint finish, large warning labels for clear identification of contents inside and meet a variety of regulations. For their improved efficiency, the solvents should be stored near the points of use.
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  2. Chemical Storage Cabinet

    This Chemical Storage Cabinet helps avoid the fire and explosion hazards of unprotected flammable liquids and chemicals. The offered cabinet is specifically designed to fit under most counters, allowing more counter-top workspace. This efficient utilization of space addresses the storage needs of growing operations and may eliminate the need for facility expansion or renovation. This design compensates for uneven floor surfaces, keeps units in alignment, and allows floors to be easily cleaned.
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  3. Lab Chemical Storage Cabinet

    The Lab Storage Cabinet consists of wall mounted and freestanding models designed for storage of combustibles including high-performance paints and inks. This cabinet features a double-wall construction with padlock handle, adjustable leveling feet providing a wobble-free base and meet set industry regulations. Unique hidden closing mechanism maximizes storage space and closes doors automatically on self-close styles. Easy to close, the self-latching doors offer maximum fire protection.
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  4. Laboratory Cabinets

    Laboratory Cabinets offer maximum flexibility in the laboratory and we offer a large variety of cabinet and under bench unit variants. Due to the self-locking protection and change pull- out catch of the drawers, these movable units will not tilt over. The cabinets are fitted with a rail on the inside for safely securing a ladder. The coated surfaces are easy to clean and robust against the effects in the laboratory and the front edges on the carcass and on the shelves are equipped with impact-resistant.
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