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Melting Point Apparatus

  1. Melting Point Apparatus

    Melting Point Apparatus measures the melting point of a substance i.e. the temperature at which the state of the substance changes from solid to liquid. The actual melting point is an indication of the purity of a substance and hence an ideal tool for the quality control of medicines, perfumes, dyestuff and other organic crystalline substances. Ideal for educational use, this apparatus is widely used in laboratories for determining the melting point of any substance.
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  2. Precision Melting Point Apparatus

    The Precision Melting Point Apparatus is designed with safety and ease of operation in mind making it ideal for use in education. The temperature is selected, measured and displayed digitally making it accurate and negating the need for a thermometer. The apparatus displays temperature to 1 degree resolution while the more advanced has a 0.1-degree resolution as well as a variable ramp rate and hold key so that the exact melt temperature can be recorded.
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  3. Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

    The Automatic Melting Point Apparatus is employed to produce a high resolution video of the sample melt. It allows the intelligent melt algorithm to identify the smallest of changes within the sample, accurately and reliably determining the melting point of up to three samples simultaneously. Once programmed, it can be left to complete the melt analysis independently, alternatively the melt can also be observed on the screen live or post melts.
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