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  1. Manual Tissue Paraffin-Wax Microtome

    Manual Tissue Paraffin-Wax Microtome has clipper built case, the user can put blade, wax block and other consumable one the top of case. Easy to use, it does not need to lubricate and maintain the microtome frequently. The hand wheel in the right can be locked in any position, and the handle can be locked in highest position, it is double safe for changing blade or tissue block. It adopts the special blade holder and is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly.
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  2. Full Automatic Tissue Paraffin-Wax Microtome

    The Full Automatic Tissue Paraffin-Wax Microtome lays more stress on constructional advantage in mechanical-electrical integration, which makes machine and electricity perform separately without interfering. It adopts the advanced import actuation system so that it can slice the tissues more precisely, more reliably and quietly. The LCD display shows the slice and trimming thickness. With special function of sample rebounding, it can avoid the damage due to the attrition between sample and the back of knife so that the slice is smoother and the service life of the knife is longer.
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