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Orbital Shaker

  1. Orbital Linear Switchable Shaker

    Orbital Linear Switchable Shaker comes with a wide LCD with back- light. It can display the current speed, time and operation mode. Comes with two operation modes, orbital and linear, this shaker has a completely sealed digital panel which prevents liquid penetration. It features the facility of auto recovery when power is re-stored. Facilitates silent working, it is also best known for its soft start facility to prevent splashing of samples.
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  2. Benchtop Dual Action Shaker LDR-300

    The Benchtop Dual Action Shaker LDR-300 uses excellent speeds between 10 to 300rpm and has programmable shaking motion, a selectable orbit diameter and stroke length, LED screens, and a direct drive and brushless DC electric motor. This shaker has programmable shaking motion with a timer, forward and backward motion. The orbital motion provides uniform mixing with a smooth continuous circular action. Besides, its reciprocating action provides a gentle to vigorous back and forth motion.
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  3. Floor Type Linear Shaker

    Floor-Type Linear Shaker is ideal for almost any vessels from tubes through petri dishes and microtitre plates to conical flasks. It is available with either an orbital action where the platform moves in a circular orbit or a reciprocal linear movement where the platform moves back and forth horizontally. An orbital action provides a swirling action on the sample, ideal for aeration. A sew saw rocking action provides a wave motion in the sample, ideal for washing.
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  4. Linear Shaker L180-E

    Linear Shaker L180-E is attached with an anti-slip platform that enables culture flasks and straps to secure tubes. Features compact space saving design, this linear shaker is integrated with an advanced analog speed control facility. Highly compatible for use with cold room and incubator, this shaker ensures stable operation with low vibration. In addition, it also provides smooth and quiet motions for effective mixing of flasks, culture dishes and beakers.
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  5. Linear Shaker L180-Pro

    Linear Shaker L180-Pro is best known to provide smooth and quiet motions. This ensures effective mixing of flasks, culture dishes and beakers. Can bear maximum weights, this laboratory equipment come attached with an anti-slip platform, this facility in the equipment makes sure that the culture flasks and straps secure tubes safely. It is highly acclaimed for its compact space saving design. Integrated with analog speed control facility, the linear shaker is highly compatible for use with cold room and incubator.
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  6. Rocking Shaker

    This Rocking Shaker is specifically engineered for various applications including gel staining, blot washing and hybridization applications. It is designed to provide precise speed and tilt angles that are crucial for a broad range of molecular and biological mixing applications. This equipment efficiently combines the functions of a laboratory rocker with a shaker. Features variable speed setting, this shaker is designed with a configurable tilt angle. Highly compatible for use with incubators and cold rooms, our complete range offers single- or double-tiered platforms that are durably constructed and easy-to-clean.
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  7. Linear Shaker L330-Pro

    This Linear Shaker L330- Pro is integrated with an easy- to- read LCD digital screen which displays speed and timer function. Highly acclaimed for its maximum shaking weight, this shaker comes with a wide range of platform options, making them compatible for use with Petri dishes, culture flasks, bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and other vessels. It features a wide shaking speed range. In addition, it is also incorporated with advanced software for PC control and data logging.
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  8. Multi-tier Orbital Shaker

    This Multi-Tier Orbital Shaker is integrated with brushless DC electric motor provides smooth, quiet, uniform, and powerful shaking motion for high-speed applications and heavy workloads. Its special acceleration and deceleration circuitry stops the shaking table at the same position allowing for automated dosing or sampling, and provides smooth start and smooth stop, preventing chemical spills from flasks or test tubes. The low-profile design minimizes vibration or sliding caused by high-speed shaking motion.
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  9. Orbital Shaker O180-E

    This Orbital Shaker O180-E provides smooth and quiet motions for mixing in culture dishes, flasks, and beakers. Integrated with analog speed control, it comes with an anti-slip platform for culture flasks and straps to secure tubes. Stable operation, low vibration and compact space saving design are some of its excellent features. It provides a smooth continuous motion for uniform mixing. Moreover, it can be modified by placing it in an incubator to create an incubator shaker due to its low temperature and vibrations.
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  10. Orbital Shaker O180-Pro, 2.5Kg Capacity

    Orbital Shaker O180-Pro, 2.5Kg Capacity is specially designed with excellent compatibility for solubility studies, cell culture, and protein expression and extraction procedures. Comes with a wide range of platforms options, these are best suited for use with a variety of culture flasks and flasks. Compact and space saving design make this shaker compatible for use with cold room and incubator. Available with variable position 3 clamping bars, it is integrated with software for PC control & data logging.
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  11. Orbital Shaker O180-S

    This Orbital Shaker O180-S is highly durable and easy to use laboratory equipment. A versatile, incubated and refrigerated shaker, it efficiently combines the convenience of a bench- top design with orbital shaking technology. It is designed with a spacious platform for achieving higher vessel capacity. In addition, it is also provided with a clear, scratch-resistant lid which allows unobstructed sample viewing without disturbing chamber temperature. Available in timed or continuous- run modes, this orbital shaker is integrated with a safety interlock which stops the platform when lid is opened.
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  12. O330-Pro Orbital Shaker

    Orbital Shaker O330-Pro is highly compatible for use with various solubility studies, cell culture, protein expression and many other extraction procedures. One can easily view the speed, temperature and time simultaneously on three individual LED screens. This helps minimize the errors in establishing running conditions. There are also audible or visual alarms signal in the orbital shaker which gets activated in case the equipment does not operate at set speed.
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  13. Orbital Shaker OS-100 OS-200

    This Orbital Shaker OS-100 OS-200is well- integrated with a maintenance- free solid- state DC brushless motor. In addition, it also features soft- start facility which eliminates the sudden starts and stops and splashing of vessel contents or wetting of flask closure. Can run with continuous and timed operations, these orbital shakers are equipped with three individual LED screens which display speed, temperature and time simultaneously.
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  14. OS-300 Orbital Shaker

    This Orbital Shaker OS-300 is an exclusive and advanced multi-function shaking system, widely used in various laboratories. It features self- diagnostic function which can identify any type of error. In addition, the brushless DC motor integrated in the equipment ensures smooth shaking. We supply this orbital shaker to clients for use in solubility studies. In addition, it is also high in demand for various cell cultures, protein expression and many other extraction procedures.
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  15. 3D Shaker

    This 3D Shaker is highly compatible for use with hybridization, staining gels and other applications. The three-dimensional shaking motion of the equipment is extremely efficient, yet gentle. It is also ideal for general mixing applications. In this equipment, the shaking speed is continuously adjustable across a broad range. In addition, a nonslip rubber mat and elastic tie-downs are also provided with the equipment that holds the samples in place during operation.
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  16. Benchtop Orbital Linear Switchable Shaker

    Benchtop Orbital Linear Switchable Shaker is a compact and space saving model, available in operated in two modes, orbital and linear as per the requirements. It comes with a LCD and back-light that can easily display the current speed, time and operation mode. The LCD screen is convenient for reading and setting the parameters. Integrated with a brushless DC motor, this shaker can run smoothly with little noise for long period. In addition, it is also provided with different types of fixing clips for carrying out the mixing and shaking for different sizes and shapes of vessels.
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