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  1. Semi Automatic Polarimeter

    The Semiautomatic Polarimeter is the ideal instrument for measuring the optical activity of both inorganic and organic compounds. It is widely demanded in the sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, perfume and educational industry. This polarimeter is ideal to be used for isolation of unknown crystals, evaluation of optically active compounds and distinguishing optical isomers. To calibrate, simply zero the polarimeter using distilled water, and within moments a zero-indicator light confirms successful calibration.
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  2. Manual Polarimeter

    Easy-to-use, this Manual Polarimeter is suitable for measuring the optical rotation of optically active substances. The instrument is equipped with a sodium lamp. Switch on the power, the polarized light beam immediately radiate to polarizer filter. One can observe distinct visual fields through eyepiece. Put the sample tube into the measuring field chamber, rotate the vernier knob and find an equal brightness. Reading and recording the measured value from scale disc, testing is completed.
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  3. Automatic Polarimeter

    The Automatic Polarimeter is a microprocessor polarimeter that is available in one, two and six wavelength versions. The polarimeter features include readout in specific rotation, optical rotation, customer defined and labeled programs for push button readout, large LCD display and touchscreen user interface, temperature display and correction. It measures the specific optical rotation of medical agents and the concentration of optically active substances found in fragrance materials or chemical compositions.
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  4. Automatic Polarimeter P810A P850A

    This Automatic Polarimeter P810A P850Ais well-integrated with built-in precise temperature control system. Based on automatic photoelectric inspection technology and WINDOWS HMI system, it provides accurate and reliable measurements. Simple to operate, this polarimeter detects the optical rotation and with it, the density, content and purity of substances can be analysed. This polarimeter is extensively used various field including petroleum, medicine, chemicals, food, spices, flavours, sugar making, and universities &research institutes.
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