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  1. Automatic Refractometer

    The Automatic Refractometer uses precision optics and superior image analysis to extend the repeatability and accuracy of refractive index measurements for petroleum products. The refractometer incorporates numerous innovations designed to improve the accuracy of petroleum product testing. A linear scanned diode array shadow line sensor is sensitive enough to read even the most demanding samples. Easy to set-up, the diagnostic and calibration routines are displayed with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. This unit has been used successfully throughout the petrochemical industry.
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  2. Digital Abbe Refractometer

    Digital Abbe Refractometer is characterized by its easy handling and minimal sample quantities. This device allows sample in the form of solids or pastes to be measured just as easily as liquids. It is a robust unit, ideal for applications in harsh environments. The refractive index and temperature is shown on a LCD display, with a serial interface allowing measured values to be transferred to a PC. The unit comes complete with a glass calibration plate, contact fluid, screwdriver and a dust hood.
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  3. Automatic Refractometer A610 A620

    This Automatic Refractometer A610 A620 is best known for its sapphire glass measuring prism which has excellent properties against corrosion and scratches. Integrated with multiple data output interface, this refractometer has ultra-long life LED light source. In addition, it also includes high-performance CCD light-sensitive part. Capable of accurately and efficiently completing sample analysis tests, this machine uses functions such as exclusive signal acquisition, analysis and processing technology.
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