Refrigerated Clinical Centrifuge DM0636R

Refrigerated Clinical Centrifuge DM0636R
Product Description

The Refrigerated Clinical Centrifuge DM0636R, adapters and swing-out rotors are utilized for standardized tubes up to 100 ml at low-level speed. Additionally, these centrifuges can be utilized for tubes with the screw caps, urine tubes and blood collection tubes. The products come with powerful cooling system, -20~40°C, for punctilious temperature control of both samples and chamber.

Features :-

  • Speed can be fixed from 300 rpm to a max. of 6000 rpm.
  • Maximal capacity of the centrifuge: 100 mlx 4.
  • 9 Acceleration &10 Brake speed settings are provided to insure best separation.
  • Efficient cooling system for accurate temperature control of chamber as well as samples.
  • The wide range of ancillaries (fixed angle as well as swing-out bucket rotors).
  • Automated rotor identification.
  • Timekeepers can be set up to 99 min. for shortened run/continuous run.
  • 9 processes stocked in memory make the procedure much simplified.
  • Repair-free brush-less DC motors.

Technical Specifications :-

Speed Range


Max. RCF

4300 × g

Speed Accuracy

±20 rpm

Temperature Range

-20~40 °C

Rotor Capacity

9 types

Run Time

30sec~99mins /continuous

Driving Motor

Brushless DC



Program memory


Safety Devices

Door interlock, Imbalance protection, motor over hot protection, Over speed detection, chamber over temperature detection

Acceleration/Braking time



Single-phase AC220V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 12.5A; AC110V-120V, 50Hz/60Hz,15A

Dimensions [D × W × H]

630×580×270 mm


50 Kg

Additional Features

Speed/RCF switch; Rotor identification




Max. speed: 4000 rpm
Max. RCF: 2830 × g
Rotor capacity:100ml × 4
Rotor material: stainless steel body and tubes


Max. speed : 5000rpm
Max. RCF: 3300 × g
Rotor capacity: 15ml × 30
Rotor material: aluminum body and stainless steel tubes


Max. speed: 6000rpm
Max. RCF: 4610 × g
Rotor capacity: 50ml × 8
Rotor material: aluminum
Bio-safe (Bio sealing): YES


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