Soxhlet Fat Analyzer

Soxhlet Fat Analyzer
Soxhlet Fat Analyzer
Product Description

Soxhlet Fat Analyzer we offer are ideal tools suitiable for testing and inspecting items in the field of food processing, chemical and research. We diligently work towards offering premium quality analyzers that are in harmony with international norms. The line of high performance Soxhlet Fat Analyzer we trade in comes with a Blue LCD display that exhibits the temperature in 6 stages (actual & set), holding time countdown, etc. The smart design of the product allows for closed electric heating and automatic collection of solvent and storage. The drying function of the product is relatively simple as it doesn’t demand oven use during drying and can be operated with ease without any specialized technical knowledge.

Key points :-

  • High performance
  • Based on advanced mechanism
  • Longer service life
  • Easy to maintain

Features :-

  • Closed electric heating, room temperature ~ 280°C any adjustment.
  • Blue LCD display, displays set and actual temperature, holding time countdown and remind.
  • Automatic collect of solvent and storage.
  • No plug design: no leaks and improve the life.
  • limit temperature protection.
  • Intelligent: 6 stages can be set to the temperature and holding time, it will accord sequence running automatically.
  • Drying function: no need to use oven, directly in machine.

Specifications :-

Model SOX400
Measure Range Crude fat content ≥ 0.5%
Measure quantity 6 samples at same time
Solvent reclaim rate ≥ 80%
Precision Relative difference ≤ 3%, Parallel difference ≤ 0.3%
Solvent collection methods automatically collect and store
Reclaim rate ≥ 99% (backflow Speed 120 drop/minute, Cooling water temperature ≤ 30°C)
Heating Aluminum Alloy plate, electric heating
Seals PTFE seal
Display blue screen LCD; holding time countdown
Other features 6 stages of heating, drying
Temperature control range Rt.~280°C
Temperature control precision ±0.3°C
Power Supply 220V±10%, 50~60HZ
Rated power 500W
Dimensions 560×370×685 mm
Weight 32 Kg


Model SOX500
Temperature range Rt. +5~300 °C
Measuring range 0.1~100%
Temperature accuracy ±1°C
Reproducibility Relative error 1%
Sample weight 0.5~15 g
Capacity per batch 6pcs/batch
Solvent cup volume 150ml
Solvent recovery ≧85%
Power supply 220VAC±10%, 50Hz
Power 2.6 KW
Dimensions 650×348×875 mm
Net Weight 61 Kg
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