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Tablet Dissolution Tester RC

  1. RC-6D Tablet Dissolution Tester

    Tablet Dissolution Tester RC-6D is the requisite instrument in detecting dissolution of tablets, capsule etc. The design and technical specifications of this tester is surpassed the advanced level of tests and checks. It can be operated conveniently by using keys. Its measurement results are displayed by LED. The preset and real time data can be displayed separately in time. The circular water current can heat the system, and the bath liquid can achieve an even temperature.
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  2. RC-6 Tablet Dissolution Tester

    RC-6 Tablet Dissolution Tester, LCD Display is used to examine the dissolving speed and degree of solid preparations like drug tablets or capsules in the specified solvents. It is a kind of classical drug dissolution tester and it adopts classical modeling design and is featured by high cost performance, stability, reliability, simple operation and durability. Thermostatic water bath adopts built-in integrated temperature sensor and new software and hardware temperature measurement and control mode, which is featured by fast temperature rise and high precision, temperature deviation can be corrected with software conveniently.
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  3. RC-3DT Tablet Dissolution Tester

    Fully automatic in operation, this Tablet Dissolution Tester RC-3DT comprises of three vessels and three poles arranged on one line. Compatible for use with a UV-visible spectrophotometer, this tester equipment can display preset and real data alternately in time. The head in this equipment move up/down automatically, and can be artificially turned over. We have well- integrated an advanced MPU in the equipment to automatically control the rotational speed, temperature and time.
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  4. RC-3 Tablet Dissolution Tester

    This Tablet Dissolution Tester RC-3 is highly acclaimed for its auto- test, auto- diagnose and auto-alarm. Can be easily operated by keystroke, the basket units and paddle units of this equipment are wisely made of supreme quality stainless steel. The preset and real data in this machine can be displayed alternately in time. In this equipment, the magnetism-pumped circular water current can heat the system evenly, and the bath liquid can achieve an equal temperature.
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