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Tube Rotator

  1. 3D Tube Rotator

    Equipped with unique combination of adjustable rotating frame, this 3D Tube Rotator is widely used in molecular biology, histo-chemistry, bio-chemistry, clinical applications, etc. The versatile, rotator is designed for mixing samples in both a vertical and horizontal plane. It can be placed in an environment temperature ranges from 5 to 40° and the rotation speed is adjustable. The offered tube roller, rotator and rocker is designed to deliver salient performance, accuracy, and reproducible results for all the application needs.
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  2. Test Tube Rotator

    The Test Tube Rotator is designed to mix samples horizontally, vertically or any angled rotation with a variety of sample tubes. It is widely used in molecular hybridization, blood and various samples requiring mixing. Regulating the rotating frame can position the samples horizontally, vertically or various angles between 0° and 90° to rotate. The rotating mixer is compact, light and convenient. It can be easily moved to different places, such as to a test-bed, a refrigerator or an incubator.
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  3. Disk Tube Rotator

    The Disk Tube Rotator is used for moderate to vigorous mixing of laboratory samples. This tube rotator is ideal for a variety of applications such as mixing blood samples and preparation of homogenous dispersions. Equipped with adjustable speed control, the offered tube rotator is included for mixing all common laboratory sample tubes and each individual tube holder is finely coated to provide a secure grip, preventing any wobble or loosening during mixing at high speeds.
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  4. Rotisserie Tube Rotator

    Compact, economic with simple to use controls, this Rotisserie Tube Rotator is demanded for thorough mixing of samples in tubes. Ideal for use in laboratories and cold rooms, it is perfect for averting blood coagulation and for completion of measures of extraction of biological apparatus. It’s robust and powerful motor makes synchronized rotation throughout the speed range. Easy to operate and equipped with LED screen, the rotisserie plates are attached to a fixed center spindle and can be mixed and matched.
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  5. LED Tube Rotator

    Integrated with analogue speed control, this LED Tube Rotator offers moderate circular rotating movement and provides efficient mixing capabilities. This multipurpose tube rotator is demanded to efficiently perform mixing applications for an assortment of tube sizes. Ideal for biochemistry, molecular biology, histo-chemistry, and clinical applications, its unique adjustable tubes allow for rotary tube mixing. Checked on various parameters of durability and performance, it is safe for cold room or incubator use.
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  6. Tube Rotator

    Ideal for laboratory applications, this Tube Rotator is highly appreciated for its space-saving robust design. Widely demanded for procedures that require moderate tube mixing, the offered rotator can mix a variety of tubes and centrifuge tubes. The disk tube rotator is best for mixing blood samples to avoid clotting, keeping biological samples in suspension and aerating cultures. Besides, the variable speed attribute means that the aggressiveness of the mixing can be adjusted for a specific application.
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  7. LED Tube Roller

    LED Tube Roller can carry out roll and swing functions, adapted to mixing of blood samples, adhesive materials and liquid - solid suspensions. Checked on various parameters to make certain a defect free range is delivered, the offered equipment is driven by high performance DC declaration motor, no noise and long working life. LED with back light can display the current speed, time and operation mode, convenient for reading and setting. Precise digital time and speed setting can easily carry out the continuous operation mode.
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  8. Tube Roller

    This Tube Roller can be used for moderate to high, complete mixing. Ideal for combining and mixing blood sample, it is used in variety of application such as deterrence of blood clotting and immune precipitation. The offered roller has a robust DC brushless motor which is reliable, sound and maintenance free. It has total of six rollers with exceptional space-saving design and it is very easy to clean Also, it can be used in cold rooms or in incubators.
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