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Vacuum Pump

  1. Oilless Vacuum Diaphragm Pump (Anti-Corrosion)

    This Oilless Vacuum Diaphragm Pump (Anti-Corrosion) is ideal for a variety of general vacuum applications. As the piston wobbles, air resistance on upward stroke expands seal on the piston to increase its efficiency while compensating for the wobble action. Simplicity is the key to the economical aluminum design of the pump. It is extremely quiet and virtually inaudible over the typical background noise of a lab. Portable and light weight components keep overall weight minimal and exclusive oil-free construction of diaphragm never requires lubrication.
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  2. Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump provides reliable vacuum performance for routine laboratory applications. The chemical resistant construction of this pump provides years of hassle-free operation with easy routine maintenance. Integrated overheating protection, this convenient filtration pump is lightweight and easy to use in the lab. There are no metal wetted parts within the pump heads to corrode, assuring long life. Its multi-port valves increase performance and tolerate occasional liquids drawn into the system without damage.
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  3. Oilless Vacuum Diaphragm Pump

    Oilless Vacuum Diaphragm Pump is excellent for many laboratory fluid movement applications including vacuum filtration and solid phase extraction, as well as degassing, and evaporation of volatile solvents. The robust design diaphragm vacuum pump has flow paths constructed of materials with excellent corrosion resistance. The pump works completely without oil. It is ideal for all types of work in which a clean and dry vacuum is needed. The uncontaminated pumping of gases in laboratories, analytics and the chemical industry illustrates only one area of application. This vacuum pump is also used for leak detection or for research and development.
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